Genesis/megadrive and master system roms won’t add when scanned

Anyone else have this issue?

I have 250 odd genesis roms, only half of them add to retroarch playlists when scanned. Something to do with the rom file format maybe? I can’t work out what the issue might be.

The roms load fine when using “load content” but I’m trying to add them to a playlist.

Cheers! Chris

From what I have seen is that not all ROMs are in the database that it is supposed to match up to. I’ve seen instructions recommend “no-Intro Roms” are the recommend source to use (No those are not literally no intro ROMs it’s just a name).

Since I a lot of my roms are not in the database due some being redumps or rom hacks I have to use the Manual scan to add them. For Sega Gen/Mega Drive the format in the manuals scan you will have to use .md/.gen in the file extension inquiry.