Goldeneye controls?

How do you play Goldeneye on the Mupen64Plus core properly? I move forward with left thumb stick (Xbox 360 controller) and move forward and look up. If I walk backwards I look down at the floor while moving backwards. All the controls are messed up, moving around is like being drunk. Is it possible to play with mouse instead? Or at the very least what settings do I need to do?

This seems like you changed the controls in game, change it back to default (press start in game, then right a couple times, you’ll see a option to change the controll profile, change it back to default, if I remember correctly it’s the option 1.0, but if it isn’t test the options, until you find the correct one)

Sounds to me like you have the analog dpad emulation thing enabled so the left stick also sends dpad commands.

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I had to give up. I turned off the setting to fix the left thumb stick but spent ages trying to figure out how to make the right thumb stick turn left and right instead of side step left and right and the left thumb stick side step instead (you know like every other damn first person shooter!). I managed it eventually but still can’t play properly, I can’t aim. Bringing up the crosshair just widely jumps around all over the screen, there’s no way I can aim at anything with this. I can’t jump and I can’t aim down the sights of the sniper rifle.

Looking at all the controls in the settings my brain just shat the bed and I gave up.

It’s kind of complex because in the standard layout side-stepping and look up/down are digital controls, while forward/back and turning are analog controls. You can switch their placement, but you can’t alter how it reads your input.

I haven’t revisited this topic in quite some time… but last I recall a proper dual stick setup would require the in-game controls be set to use 2 controllers. Then you’d have to find a way to register Player 2’s analogue stick to P1’s right-stick. After that it’s just a matter of button re-assignment in the quick menu of RA.

Thinking about it now, I was trying to figure out a way to get the P2’s stick to map in RA to the mouse. Once that is done I could simply map the right-stick on P1 to the mouse using xpadder and it would daisy-chain into the game.

At the time I don’t think mouse support was as integrated as it is now… could be worth revisiting I think. I’ll do my best to remember to try this out (No promises, I have short-term loss lol) and report back.

Delete everything you configured for this game so far and start fresh.

First thing you want to do is change the controls through the game menu, like you would if you were playing the real game on the N64. The default controls are crap. You want to go to the menu (Bond’s watch) and change the control scheme to “1.2 solitare”.

Start from there and then you can proceed setting up the controls in RetroArch. You need to bind the c-buttons on the left analog and the aim/shoot to the left/right shoulder triggers.

You don’t need a mouse and you don’t need to implement the dual gamepad setup (that’s impossible on RetroArch anyway, you can’t bind player’s 2 controls on user’s 1 pad). The 1.2 solitare setup is all you need (movement/strafe with the D-pad/left analog and aim with the right analog). The same applies for Perfect Dark btw.

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There is a bounty fundraiser going to add a “dual joystick” mapping which is specifically intended, among other use cases, to address this obstacle for N64 emulation in RetroArch:

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Emulation for this game has always been sort of a pain in the neck given the configuration of the original N64 controller and the game itself. The easiest way to go around this issue would be to do the best with the modern controller you have.

i get that issue with mupen64plus stand alone and retroarch pics my n64 controller as snes lol so cant even configure properly :frowning:

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I had a similar problem with my keyboard. no matter what I mapped the controls to, I would end up walking of the cliff in the first level.