Gran Turismo 1 (GT1) Text issues

Hello everyone. I am a new user of Retroarch, so without much experience on that platform. I’m trying to play GT1 with Beetle PSX (HW), but I’m having a problem with the game’s menus (as seen in the image).

Is there any solution for this? Any configuration that I’m doing incorrectly?

Can anyone give me any instructions for attempting correction if possible? Thank you.

Emulator settings (I chose it this way, as I get a solid 60FPS): Renderer: Vulkan; Software Framebuffer: On; INternal GPU Resolution: 4x; Dithering Pattern: Internal Resolution; Texture Filtering: xBR; Adaptive Smoothing: On; Supersampling: Off; MSAA: 16x; MDEC YUV: On; PGXP Operation Mode: Memory Only; PGXP Vertex Cache: On; PGXP Perspective: On; Line-to-quad Hack: Default; Frame Duping: ON; CPU Dynarec: Disabled; Dynarec Code: DMA Only; CPU Frquency: 100%; GTE Overclock: On; GPU Rasterizer: 32x; Core-Reported FPS Timing: Progressime Rate; Core Aspect Ratio: Corrected; Widescreen Mode Hack: On.