Graphics problems in ps1 game (Beetle psx HW)

Good day to all. I am new to your forum and communicate through a translator, but I hope to be able to convey the essence of the problem. I ask for help in setting up graphics in retroarch (Beetle psx HW). I have a computer with a normal configuration. Intel XEON X3470. 16.0 GB RAM. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.

The fact is that when I do the first launch (the latest version of RetroArch is 1.8.9), I download the required core Beetle PSX HW at the first launch, the graphics quality is very low (seen in the screenshots). Although for other users the first time they started the game, it started with a much better graphics quality than mine. Here’s an example:

Further, when adjusting the graphics, it becomes slightly better, but its poor quality is still visible. At the same time, the game itself and the sound are very slow.

Looking at the graphics settings from the youtube video, users have it just perfect. I do it using the same settings and it comes out as in the screenshots above. I ask for help what I am doing wrong. I have already tried all the settings.

For core options that affect graphics, I use:

beetle_psx_hw_dither_mode = “internal resolution”

beetle_psx_hw_internal_resolution = “4x”

And leave all other graphic settings at their defaults.

I’m using the “glcore” video driver and it works fine for me; you should try that if you’re using “vulkan” as the “glcore” driver may be faster.

I’m running a GTX 1070 as well but I’m using an i7-4770k CPU. It’s possible your older CPU is struggling to keep up, but not sure on that as I don’t know when the intended specs are for the libretro core.

The picture has become a little better, but still in distortion, although the settings are at the maximum. Maybe it’s really the processor.