[Guide] Play Killer Instinct games using FBAlpha


How To: Play Killer Instinct games using FBAlpha

This guide describes how to setup game files to play Killer Instinct / Killer Instinct 2 using FBAlpha.

I noted in github, that support for HDDs was recently added, which allows you to play these games using FBAlpha! Note that emulation for this game isn’t perfect yet… These are currently the only image based games I’m aware of that FBAlpha supports.


1) Get the latest FBAlpha core

Download the latest “Arcade (FB Alpha)” core from the Retroarch Online Updater

2) Ensure you have the right Game Files

You’ll need kinst.zip and/or kinst2.zip romset files as well as the HDD img files kinst.img and/or kinst2.img that FBAlpha is looking for. The crc of the romset files can be found in the dat file here. The image files go in a folder of the same name of the rom. The img files can be created using the chd files from the latest MAME romset and the chdman tool. Your directory would then look like:

...path_to_your_game_files (folder)
     kinst.zip (game file)
     kinst2.zip (game file)
     kinst (folder)
          kinst.img (hdd file)
     kinst2 (folder)
          kinst2.img (hdd file)

3a) Play from Retroarch

From the Retroarch GUI, select Load Core, then choose Arcade (FBAlpha)

Now back in the Retroarch GUI, select Load Content, then choose the game file (kinst.zip or kinst2.zip)

3b) Play from the Command Line

You can load the game from the command line as follows:

(Windows Command for kinst)
"...\path_to_program\retroarch.exe" -L "...\path_to_cores\cores\fbalpha_libretro.dll" "...\path_to_retroarch_game_directory\kinst.zip"
(OSX Command for kinst2)
/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/MacOS/RetroArch -L "/Applications/RetroArch.app/Contents/Resources/cores/fbalpha_libretro.dylib" "...\path_to_retroarch_game_directory\kinst2.zip"

Happy Gaming!


That’s awesome! I didn’t know this was working yet :open_mouth:


The games actually play surprisingly well. The audio is a bit choppy, but very playable.


Idk what’s your computer, but it’s running half speed on my i7 2600k. And yeah midway emulation is far from being perfect in fbalpha (it seems the cpu interpreters need a complete rewrite).


Do you think your android device is more powerful than a core i7 @ 3.4Ghz ?


Hmm. I’m getting 58 fps while in game (but bogs during intro) on an i5. Granted I didn’t do any exhaustive test, just played a few rounds.