Guide To Building MAME 2003 PLUS Romset?


Yup… works with 3.7.1… …Back to the Future… :wink:


That’s annoying. Are either of you willing to check with the romcenter developer to see if they are planning to not support older DAT formats?


So the mame2003 plus core is a bit buggy yeah? have tried a few games and they either lock up or some graphically issues.

One example is Street Fighter2 CE the rom locks up on the intro just when the guy is about to sock the other


Generally things should work as good or better than mame2003. We’d be glad to get a bug report on Street Fighter 2 CE at


Hi, I made a bug report - Romcenter 4 is release candidate 3 at the moment, hope it get fixed in the final version…


Ok have posted the issue.

Have noticed SF2 world warrior has a similar issue but rather than locking up at the same point the audio just has a constant tone and doesnt play the audio correctly


Much appreciated! I’ll look for the issue in a moment


Hmm, it could be my system, i have tried a few roms and they all seem to have audio issue of some sort, Altered beast the sound crapped out in the attract sequence for example


Heres the audio ‘drone’ on world warrior…


Make sure to provide as much information on your hardware and operating system as possible in your github issue.


Yeah i have just added the info


Hmmm, starting to think its the rom set i have as have just tried Rolling thunder and that locks up after the rom check screen


On a whim i decided to do a fresh install of Retroarch and low and behold im not getting any lockups anymore, so im not sure what the issue was…maybe it was shader releated?


A bit off topic but i want ask about the whole Parent and Clone rom types, im guess Parent is the main version of said rom and clone is just a different variety of the same rom?. In which case what instance would you ever want a clone rom if you already have the parent rom?

Also the utility you built for filtering roms, would it be possible to add a ‘2 player’ or ‘4 player’ filter for the 4 player arcade games in the future?. So you could instruct the utility to only add the 2 player version of said rom rather than the 4 player version?.

I think this would be fairly useful as all rom sorting program always seem to add the 4 player version and filter out the 2 player one, take TMNT for example you are forced to play as Leonardo when playing a 1 player game as its only the 2 player rom that has a character select screen, this is the same for all Konami 4 player roms


Unfortunately it is not as simple as the parent being the primary or best version of a game. Sometimes the parent version of a game is unplayable (for example because no one has figured out a way to decrypt its rom chips) so only bootleg versions – aka clones – will work.

Back when I wrote Simple Arcade Multifilter I had the incorrect idea that the DAT metadata regarding player counts and controls was not very reliable so I intentionally didn’t implement filtering based on that data. It should be possible to add those filters and I think they would be a good idea but I don’t know if I am going to be doing a new version any time soon.

At the moment I’m trying to keep track of enhancement possibilities but mostly I am in maintenance/bugfix only mode regarding SAM. It’s not all that complex and all of the source is out there if someone with AutoHotKey scripting experience or a willingness to learn gets inspired! I didn’t know AutoHotKey myself until I started looking at scripts to read MAME DAT files :smiley:


It would be amazing if someone could share the results of these efforts for MAME2003 and FBA 2012 on a newsgroup. Seems silly for so many to have to duplicate the work given the number of steps time involved.


Hi, i have a torrent link if you want for it pm me regards


So now MAME 2003-Plus has a database for scanning. Great!

Scanning works but I had to resolve two details:

  1. I had to disable the ‘MAME 2003’ database to allow the ‘MAME 2003-Plus’ playlist to be generated. I did this by clearing the database field in the MAME 2003 core info file.
  2. I had to create the assets to get playlist and content icons for the new playlist (for the default theme at least). I did this by copying the MAME 2003 assets.

This is a very nice improvement.


So how do we go about maintain the rom database as new games are added to work with Mame 2003 Plus?


Updating the RetroArch scanner database with new arcade romsets is a fairly involved process, but it’s a process that I know pretty well.

Is that what you are asking about? If so I will try to write up some information.

You can also use a third party playlist tool to add MAME 2003-Plus games directly to your own playlist. RetroArch Playlist Buddy is the tool I use for this purpose.