Guide To Building MAME 2003 PLUS Romset?


Is there an indepth guide as whats needed to get the correct romset for MAME 2003 PLUS, or if someone could PM me a link to a set


I believe it comes with a DAT/XML that you can use with CLRMAMEPro to build the set


So if i have the latest MAME romset (0.203) and the XML file i can build a complete 2003 PLUS set?, thats all i need those 2 things?


You will also need a MAME rollback set.

There are docs on rebuilding romsets for mame 2003-plus here:

Those docs are slightly out of date in that HBMAME romsets are no longer needed, just a recent MAME set and the rollback set. I’ll update the docs.


Thanks. So i need the MAME 0.203 Rollback set, or is it another one i need?, sorry im just new to building romsets


No worries, it’s a complex task and it took me quite a while to learn what I know.

If my updates to the docs are approved, the new text will read this way:

In order to build a complete MAME 2003-Plus romset collection, the ingredients are:

  • A complete MAME 0.193 or later romset collection
  • A complete MAME 0.193 or later “rollback” romset collection
  • MAME 0.78 CHD collection
  • The NeoGeo UniBIOS 3.3, freely available at


Ok one last thing lol, does the rollback romset have to be the same version as the latest mame romset you’ll be using or can they be 2 completely different versions?


The rollback should be from the same version as your MAME romset collection, or a later version. Just as long as its not from an earlier version.


and im guessing i cant use a ‘Merged’ romset?


Nope. “Full Non-Merged”, “Non-Merged,” and “Split” sets are supported.

I have listed those in order of my personal preference, although opinions as to which is best differ.


So after the set has been built how would you go about stream lining it, for example i wouldnt want 4 different versions of the SF2 in my list?


I created a utility for this purpose which, as you might guess, is my preferred way to deal with your scenario: Simple Arcade Multifilter - app for MAME and FB Alpha ROM sets

edit: for now if you use the Multifilter or another filtering tool you’ll have to stick with the MAME 2003 catver.ini file. We don’t yet have an updated catver for MAME 2003 although the old one is going to be pretty decent regardless. Newly added games will not be ignored, they will just not be assigned a genre in the Multifilter GUI, they’ll be in the unmatched category.


So could i use this utility for the latest version of MAME if i had a split rom set to make just 1 working version of each game?

Also is it possible for say 4 player games like TMNT and Simpsons to have the utility produce 2 versions for these type of games, one version the full 4 player and then a 2 player version?


The answer to your first question is yes, the multifilter is compatible with current MAME and with split sets. Don’t tell it to remove clones if you want clones of course :laughing:

The multifilter isn’t smart enough to sort by player count though I’m afraid.


Hi! I like to use ROMCENTER to built the romsets …is there a way to convert the .dat.xml to be accepted?

…oh… and please… can someone make a custom soundtrack for COMMANDO with the C64 SID Music…haha …pleeeaaseee…


Hi @damonxxx, I used the mame2003-plus.xml directly in RomCenter, it worked OK.


Thanx for response…I use core generated xml with Romcenter 4 rc3 … then got error message Dat in Mame070 format Loading games from mame2003-plus.xml Error: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.DBNull’ to type ‘System.String’. Duration: 00:00:53 aahhhh Have you the same Version?


No, I use the old 3.7.1.


Maybe this is romcenter bug? Or maybe they have removed support for earlier DAT formats intentionally?


I try it… it’s weekend (yeahhh) and I have some time now… !DANKESCHÖN!