Guncon2 in linux

I’m trying to use a guncon2 in retroarch linux. The driver maps it as “event input”. Retroarch detects it as a joystick. Can’t use it to play lightgun games. I can map the hat, buttons and trigger. But cant map ABS_X and ABS_Y to function as as lightgun.

From retroarch log:

[INFO] [udev]: Pad #0 (/dev/input/event9) supports 0 force feedback effects. [INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: “udev”.

Running evdev-test

./evdev-test /dev/input/event9 name: ‘EMS LCD TopGun 0b9a:016a’ abs: 4 ABS_X value:1 min:160 max:672 fuzz:0 flat:0 res:0 ABS_Y value:5 min:32 max:224 fuzz:0 flat:0 res:0 ABS_HAT0X value:0 min:-1 max:1 fuzz:0 flat:0 res:0 ABS_HAT0Y value:0 min:-1 max:1 fuzz:0 flat:0 res:0


Does it act as a mouse to the OS? if not, I don’t think you’ll be able to use it as a light gun in RetroArch.

Not act as a mouse. I think that’s why retroarch detects it as a joystick.

Trying to edit xorg conf to make it work as a mouse. Any advice?

After setting this way my linux boots into a black screen :confused:

Section “InputDevice”

    Identifier "evdev pointer catchall"

    MatchUSBID "0b9a:*"

    MatchIsTouchscreen "on"

    MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"

    Driver "evdev"