Hard GPU sync in two places

Does hard GPU sync need to be enabled in both the video settings menu and the latency menu? Does one override the other? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to eliminate the option in the video settings menu since we now have the latency menu?

They’re ultimately the same option, AFAIK. I think most of the options from the latency menu are duplicates of other options, which I’m not a huge fan of, but there’s a good argument for having them all in one place anyway.

Perhaps in a perfect world we would have tags on options and you could just search for the option you want, but I doubt that’s ever going to happen.

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Does one set of options take precedence over another set of options? What happens if hard GPU sync is enabled in the latency menu but disabled in video settings (for example)?

They seem to be linked here on my end. If I change it in one spot, it changes in the other, as well.

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Gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!

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