Hardware suggestion

Hello, I’m building a mini pc for retrogaming, i would like to buy this motherboard with 4Gb ram: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/J5005-ITX/index.asp#Specification
You think it can run GameCube and Wii games?

It might. I think it’s going to be tight, though.

That board has a Intel® UHD Graphics 605.

I’m on a UHD Graphics 630 and it barely handles GC/Wii games at native res. It only really plays basic games like NSMB well. It barely scrapes by on Mario Sunshine. Galaxy is out of the question. Just to give you and idea.

This is with the “real” Dolphin emulator. I haven’t tried the RA core much.


Wich cpu on motherboard?

It is running 8GB single channel. It might get a small boost if i get another stick and dual channel it. but i don’t think it would be enough to bother.

I was playing NSMB Wii today and it can do “720p” pretty well. I didn’t bother trying Galaxy again, but i seem to remember Paper Mario (GameCube) running OK. Again, not on the RA Core though.

Not sure if you are still reading this but i played around a bit tonight. Both GameCube Zeldas, Paper Mario and Sunshine play pretty well on my CPU/iGPU at 2x resolution. Pretty much full frame rate %98 of the time. And some of the dips are likely the same on an actual GameCube. Sunshine really tanks if you look into the sky. As i said before NSMB Wii runs great. I tried Galaxy 1 and 2 again, and its a stuttery, crackely sound shit fest. :stuck_out_tongue:

My CPU is much stronger than what is on the integrated MB you are looking at, so i’m not sure you’d get exactly the same results.

This is with the normal Dolphin emulator. With the RA core i get about %75 the performance. Not sure if it’s something i am doing or the core just needs work Shrugs

EDIT: I went deeper into some of these games and i had to bring it down to native res. I even tried DX11 with Ishiiruka-Dolphin and the performance just isn’t there. I could do 1.5 res in Ishiiruka. It looks a bit better than native but i hear it can cause problems.

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Just a small update. I found a cheap ($15 CAD for 2x4GB) dual channel kit of RAM and installed it. The performance is better but mostly kinda the same. Most cube games run great at 720p now. Which is nice. At 720p i still cannot look into the sun in Mario Sunshine (with vsync and ubershaders on) or it drops to 24fps (I can do it with full frame rate at native and could not before). Not really something you do a lot, lol. I just use that as a test to see how well Gamecube is running. With my main PC i can look into the sun at 5k and still get full frame rate, for example.

Mario Galaxy 2 seems to run great now at native. Stutters a bit more that i’d consider playable at 720p.

Tried out the RA core too. I’m probably doing it wrong but it just doesn’t seem to work as well as the stand alone. Wish i could figure out how to get Gamecube to run at native with a cool CRT shader. But im too dumb :smiley: