Hatari ST "This version of Hatari was not built w..."



Would anyone know why I am having this bellow issue loading ST games on Hatari?

I have uncompressed .ipf files and tried several BIOS versions (tos.img) in the system dir. Always the same issues.

Let me know if more infos are needed

Thank you!


The stand alone emulator needs the CAPS/SPS .dll files to handle .ipf files, it doesn’t have support built in to handle them, so I guess the RA core can’t handle them either.


Thanks. I just booted an .stx file and it worked

I did find the required DLLs and tried importing them in the system folder but Hatari doesn’t seem to recognize them (no matter what the filename is). It’s a bit weird since the core is listed as .ipf compatible in the libretro docs.