Having a Gaming PC made me Greedy :(

Ok so, in my previous article i wrote about a gaming PC which i’ve managed to gather around together with the Following specs of an RX 580 8GB, a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and a 16GB DDR4 Ram with i guess 2600 MHz. Well, the point of assembling such a PC which is not the latest i know, it’s not something spectacular such as an nVidia RTX the 2000 series or, the latest AMD ones which all of them having new technologies such as Ray Tracing, more texture smoothing and so on… So the point and reason for me to get that PC was, having something twice of Power of a PS4 Pro gaming console, and it does it’s job in that part it really does it’s, a great PC, i love it, i absolutely love it to be honest i know it cost me defenetly more than a PS4 Pro, it’s not the latest parts, but i love it anyway cause it can run everything i throw at it at twice of a PS4 Pro But unfortunately something more came out, i watched a YouTube video, it was about The Witcher 3 Modding That guy on the video (i’ll share the link if it’s appropriate in this forum) The Witcher 3 he modded was looking gorgeous, it was magnificent, he modded the texture he modded the environment details it was absolutely stunning it was absolutely a brand new game with all that Ray Tracing n all that stuf it was, ohhh OMG, let me share you the picture:

Look how detailed it is, all those textures, sky, detailed grass, shaders i mean it looks astonishing, however his VGA is nVidia 2070 he applied all that with 1440p and now he still running it with 90FPS Ok so as soon as i’ve seen it i said, wowww, i want that, i want to play The Witcher like that not the way it is on PS4 or the base PC so, i don’t know, am i became kinda greedy to want more power than twice of a PS4 ? I mean , can u look at that and play the Witcher like that and, just get back to your crappy PS4 or PS4 Pro and play with that garbage ? OMG imagine how it can run Cyberpunk 2077 I mean yes my PC is quit capable of running all these games with more than 60FPS without any problem or lag but,Ohhh Omg that i’ve seen on YouTube, ohhhh omg i just want that to happen man i want to play like he does, like a mighty king

Ohhh god i’m probability gonna look to get a 2000 series VGA on the coming months I mean not now cause i just bought this PC but, yes in near future i will to fill my greediness

Don’t get a 2000 series

Just enjoy the game. If it’s not the 30FPS crap you usually get on PS4, it’s fine. 60FPS is miles better than 30 already. If you want more FPS, learn to tweak things to make them better. For example, if you have a 1440p display, you can still play at 1080p for higher FPS and use AMD’s image sharpening setting, or some external tool like ReShade’s Luma Sharpen. You can do the same if you have a 1080p display; run the game at 900p with sharpening. Will still look good.

Oh Ok but, did u see any problems or issues with those ?

I usually use RetroArch in 4K at 30hz . . . it seems fine to me, although I’m mostly playing older titles. The F-Zero series is my favorite. I tried running them at 60hz, and it was too easy to place in 1st . . . no fun at all :sleepy: Are modern games different in some way?

Not sure cause my RetroArch PC is seporate than my main PC, i 've assembled a mid range PC specifically for RetroArch and LaunchBox such as MAME and all the other old consoles in the past Which i’ve connected to a CRT TV for the best nostalgic experience possible I know i can play them with upscaling n stuff but, i rather play them the way they used to be

Connecting a PC to a CRT . . . that’s a good idea :+1: I might try that if I can find one. I just run it 4K so the shaders look better, but I never thought using an actual CRT.

The reason i did that was because Retro Consoles are belong to Retro TVs, yes u can play N64 with a 4x upscale and better texture in RetroArch itself but, for me, the point of Emulating is to replica the exact experience

Oh, and about the TV, yes you can probably find a used one in a good condition on Craigslist or ebay