Hi friends!

I am a new member and I would hope forward to learn from each one of you.

My name is Wally and I love to play video games, especially about Arcade game.

With kind regards.


Hello my friends, my name is Anna. Have a nice day!


I’m also new here.

I’m a big retro gamer. But first and foremost I am a unix nerd.


Wassup Anna. Welcome. I am new as well and i really enjoy the forum.


Hi there!

Just waiting for my first post to be approved :smiley:


Hi,Happy to be here!


Hi. Brand new to the forums too. Not able to create my own posts as yet, been told I need to make posts in other threads though, is that right?

Anyway, nice to be here!


Likewise :slight_smile:


Hello! Also trying to meet these silly conditions in order to be able to create topics :wink: Three conditions don’t seem to be enough, so let’s try reaching other ones…


Hi ! Wapata there for a specific question. And trying to do the 5 messages without polluting to much the forum !


Hi, I am also new. This is my second post on this forum.