Help configuring bluetooth keyboard on Android RetroArch please!


FINAL EDIT: Let this be a testament of those who get this issue using bluetooth keyboards for android: Null Input Method, a free software in Google Play fixed this issue once set as my main keyboard. Apparently Virtual 0 meant the touch keyboard, RetroArch thought I was using both touch keyboard AND the physical keyboard. it was weird. So yea, Null Input Method, if you’re having issues like mine, whoever reads this in the future, that’s what solved it.

–Original Post–

Hi! I got a bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy tablet, and it works pretty well overall, but I can’t get it to work on Retro Arch. When it’s like on auto-detect, it detects the arrows and Enter keys as port 0: bluetooth keyboard, and they work as properly, but I can not, for the life of mine, get the rest of the keyboard to work. When I press the Z key (what would be B-Button on SNES) I get the message port 1: Virtual

I don’t know what to do, and Retroarch is not letting me config it. D: any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.

EDIT: I kinda got it to work, iono how… But the preset is kind of painful, I’m trying to change which key is which button, but nothing works, I get the following (again SNES):

[B button (down)] press joypad (RETURN to skip)

I keep pressing the key I want to be B button and nothing happens. DX

EDIT 2: Welp, I got to custom them with the Custom Binds, but I have the port 1: virtual issue again with the rest of the keyboard. What’m I doing wrong?

EDIT 3: The keys I have set for ABXY sometimes work if I keep Ctrl key on the bluetooth keyboard pressed, and even then it’ll just work once or twice and then stop working right away. Any idea?


I am pretty confused on the same topic as well. I connected a Bluetooth keyboard to a nvidia shield (retroarch 1.7.5). The keyboard is working alright in the OS and I can make it work for hotkeys (I added a hotkeys trigger key as well). No matter how hard I try, no keys are passed to games. BTW the keyboard is not showing as a retrokeyboard… simply not showing at all. With the very same setting and keyboard connected via BT to a Mac, keys are happily passed to games and I can use the keyboard for my retro gaming. On a Mac, anyhow, even if the keyboard is working alright, it is not showing as a retrokeyboard…