Help Getting a New PC

As my Old 1 Died as when Turnee on it powers up and Straighy away turns back off and Keeps Doing it so Thinking of a New Computer but not sure best way to do it

Would buy a new Computer at like Office Works or Harvey Norman be better then get someone to Build it for me?


If you have the means to build one I always recommend that route.

The biggest difference is an upgrade path.

If you build your own you can get an entry level CPU, starter GPU, half the max memory, 1 of two or three M.2 HDDs, etc.

Then when the time is right, you can upgrade select components.

Pre-built systems often use proprietary motherboards and cheap cases. The MBs are lacking features, have almost no upgrade path, and the cases often have no room for a second or third HDD.

BTW. If you have a Micro Center near you you can have them build a custom PC for you.


Are you sure it’s not just the power supply or maybe the motherboard alone or maybe a faulty USB device or port?

Don’t you have a known working power supply you can swap it out with?

Turning on then shutting down could also be a sign of overheating. Try some basic troubleshooting first.

Maybe have a tech perform a proper diagnosis on it.

What sort of configuration are we looking at here?

Not USB as Pulled everything from USB Out

Tried only with Power Cord Plugged in

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Had another go at my Old Computer and I fixed it.

Was the Power Cord from Power Supply to Motherboard that was not Fitting Right

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