Help getting Road Rash 2 and 3 working with external soundtrack

I’ve managed to get the very few Genesis games that I thought would fit well with external/improved soundtrack working fine in Genesis Plus GX, MD+ and Mode 1 CD formats, while Mode 1 even accept CHDs.

Two games I expected to receive this treatment, Road Rash 2 and 3 were patched recently, but it seems to rely on a specific Mednafen build with a doomday mod or something, I’d like to know if this could work on RA, any useful info on how to achieve that?

Road Rash 2 already works with an earlier Mode 1 soundtrack, but this patch is probably newer, though I could be wrong, as the Road Rash 3 patch is out for quite some time, before RR2.

Road Rash 2:

Road Rash 3:

From what I can tell, that’s some sort of modification to enable mp3 support. I haven’t found any repo/source code for it, which isn’t encouraging, re: mednafen’s gplv2 license requirements.

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I agree, though the patch is a bit strange in the sense that usually, MD+ and others mute or disable the cartridge soundtracks entirely, this one doesn’t seem to do the same as after applying the patch, it will still feature the game music, and will only be muted if the Sega CD option is ON in Core Options. Back when I played Sega CD games on the PSP, I remember Picodrive supported iso+mp3, actually NEOCDZ also did, but that was different. I’m trying to find a way to create bin+cue redbook (audio CD) files but without a real drive and empty disc, it’s not that intuitive, so I can try getting the above patches working somehow in RA.

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I’m not sure how Road Rash 2’s patch worked, it will even in CHD format + rom, be that in .md, zip or 7z. Using UltraISO to build the CD audio image, I gathered a few mp3s for each stage. It elevates this game for me now using most of the 1994 3DO version and one from Courier Crisis in Hawaii’s stage. I couldn’t get Road Rash 3 to work yet.

Songs: Hammerbox - Trip (Vermont) Paw - The Bridge (Tennessee) Paw - Jessie (Arizona) Swervedriver - Last Train To Satansville (Alaska) Hot Chicken Stew - Keep Your Hands on the Boogie (Hawaii)

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