"Help" notifications problem

I downloaded one of the more recent nightlies for use on a Win11 machine, and after making my usual adjustments, “helpful” messages about hotkeys keep appearing (“press x to do y” etc). There was also a problem with changed hotkeys not being remembered.

I transfered the stable 1.11.0 version from my Win10 machine to the other machine instead, but despite making no changes to the config besides directory, suddenly those messages appear there too (the hotkeys problem went away). How to disable them, I was guessing this is the UI companion, but enabling it on my Win10 machine doesn’t do anything.

You should be able to turn them off in settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications > visibility. I don’t know which one/s control them, specifically, though.

The UI companion is a backend for additional menus like the desktop menu and (IIRC) the cocoa menus on Apple devices.

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I don’t see it either, but even after turning notifications completely off, these messages keep appearing.

can you show a screenshot of one?

Uhh, the only notification in RA regarding hotkeys that tell about pressing anything is only the confirmation press on quit if enabled…

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Lol, ok, this is a Windows specific notification thing, sorry about that. :no_mouth: