(HELP) - OC'ing Beetle HW without audio crackling


I’m trying to run a certain spooky game in the hills, ramped up internal rez, msaa, sabr, PGXP, everything went fine till I ran into the bloodied corridor (when it suddenly gets darker) at the start of the game, where the internal FPS dropped from stable 30 (29.9) into random low numbers.

Now I’ve cranked all the gfx effects down (1x rez), and noticed that FPS is still low, so I presumed it was due to accurate emuatlion of PSX hardware.

GTE Overclock helped a bit, but it’s not stable 30fps.

Tried OC’ing the PSX CPU, that fixed the problem at round 150%, but then audio started occasionally crackling (especially later in PSX non-cpu/gpu heavy zones), and no matter what latency/buffer/interpolator settings I try, I just can’t get it right.

Driving RA on W7x64 [email protected] [email protected], fullscreen exclusive with or without Vsync.

I found out that cracking is due to my system not being able to keep up with Beetle’s interpreter (RA’s own FPS dropped below 60), so I need to fine tune a balance between using GTE OC and/or CPU OC.

Is it possible to lock core/internal FPS to a max of 30 when overclocking? That way my CPU and RA don’t have to play catchup, and I get a stable 30 internal FPS.

PS:Can’t wait for dynamic recompiler!

Hi im new on retro arch emulation, I dont find reason to create a new topic since its the same. Im trying to repeat some settings fount on a youtube video playing Chrono Cross, the rig is GTX 1060 6GB, an Intel core i7 7700k and 16 GB RAM. Using Beetle PSX with the Vulkan renderer. The settings are 4x, GTE overclock on, CPU overclock at 210% and the CD loading speed is set to 14x.

I cant believe how powerful CPU is needed for this since I have a I74960x + 1080Ti, and mine looks to be slowdown issues cause of cracling sound in some parts, even when still running at 59.9FPS. Would be nice setting internal framerate cap to 29.9FPS so it would be very stable. Anyways, the emulation is very smoother, better than ePSXe that I used for many years. Hope Dynarec would help to lessen CPU + GPU resources.