Help setting up Mame 2003 plus in Retroarch

Hey guys!

Ive used Retroarch for a while now and I LOVE it. Im trying to set up Mame :star_struck:2003 plus and Ive got this folder on my HD (see pic). Can you guys help me from here? Ive got the core set up in Retroarch. Thanks a bunch!

I’m not sure I understand. What is it you’re needing?

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I had problems scanning the roms to Retroarch, but got it sorted. Now I realize that I have several versions of lots of games (Jap, US and so forth) and need help with sorting my roms in some way that makes it easier to navigate. And also sort out light gun games and allround crappy games… Are there any easy ways to do this?

Hmm, I don’t know of any easy way, no. However, you could look into the “all killer no filler” list.

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Thank you!! :heart_eyes:

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Could you probably tell us how did you setup mame 2003 plus for windows retroarch?

for sorting games i used the external tool called SAM (made by markwkidd) (it can filter out different genres, clones, devices, categories, mature, slotmachines, non working stuff etc…)

its easy to handle and should give you a nice, clean and usable Romset for the Mame-Version of your choice :slight_smile: