Help Wanted


Hello! I am an early programmer and would like to have someone volunteer to teach me java or any programming language really If you are interested Please Reply to This post.

I am interested mostly in game development and would gladly welcome a challenge.

I have been studying Java for a few months now and would appreciate any sugjestions.


Guys I’m nearly 16 and would like a teacher My dad is on dialysis 3 times a week I am a fast learner and am the best (of my siblings) at almost everything but I need help, please. As an example of my learning, I am learning Latin, Russian, French, Spanish, and Japanese. In the past year.


It’s a tough sell to 1-on-1 mentor someone in programming for free online. I think you’ll have more luck using online tutorials to learn on your own while asking specific questions in beginner’s programming forums.


ok then what do you suggest for a Java Compiler? Thats What is giving me most problems.


Uhm, well as a compiler I’d say go with the latest oracle one… Download and install jdk10. Don’t know what OS you will be using but check on the best way to install it on your current distro. Then, instead of bashing against code, I’d say read a bit about object oriented programming, inheritance against composition, and some design patterns would be a topic for a future engagement, once you have already started coding. Then, also, check on the functional approach java intended with lambdas. It is a really huge topic that you are asking, but if you start with a small project that you intend to create and get it bigger from there on, you’ll be fine. Also, you’ll need to think on what you want to create. If it is a web app, check on spring boot, which has a ton of tutorials and examples. Cheers!


one of the absolute best resources to learn programming, and java in particular, is the book “Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne. the book’s companion website has instructions on how to setup a compiler and begin programming, definitely check it out:

maybe check your local (cough genesis cough) library to see if they have a copy


nice information well done