Help with Action Replay cheats

ATM i am struggeling to get AR cheats to work.
I have a bunch of AR cheats for GameBoyAdvance and they work flawless in the standalone emulators (mGBA, VBA-M, VBA-Next).
But with the RetroArch cores only a few of them are working actually.

I tried cheats for Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen (German) and all the “wild pokemon” cheats are working, but not the others (items, teleport, money, casino coins…)

Anyone can explain me a bit in detail which cheats work in RA and how/why? I mean “native” is a spacious term. Are Action Replay codes working or only GameShark or CodeBreaker?

[EDIT] Ok, i tried the cheats downloaded within RetroArch with games matching the cheatfile, but they aren’t working either :frowning:

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