Help with adding my own music for the menu

Any suggestions for adding my own music for the RetroArch menu. Before posting here I tried all options but I couldn’t sort this. I think on Android it has a hidden folder with ogg files correct? Is there an app which will help me to open it so I can add my music?


Could you change the path of your “assets” directory to a folder on your sdcard?

Just a thought, I am on Windows, but it IS a configurable path.

Thank you I will try it. Correct me if I’m wrong the music has to be only in ogg format correct? MP3 are not supported.

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Looking in the sounds folder I see both WAV and OGG but no MP3.

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Duimon - your using windows correct because Android hides the folder?

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Correct, but I believe you can still customize the “assets” folder path in the “Directory” settings.