Help with configuring Mame & FB Neo for the latest stable

I just downloaded the latest stable and I can’t remember how to set up my Mame folders for the bleeding edge Mame core and main FBN core. I also wanna make sure I know what I’m doing scanning the games to be picked up properly, last version I scanned my Mame 0.218 roms for FBN but it didn’t pick up everything. Was my first time ever scanning roms instead of scrolling through directories so I’m sure there’s something I missed.

Don’t use MAME romsets as-is for FBN, sometimes they are different, i provide clrmamepro dat files at .

Also, the retroarch scanner from db is known for being problematic with arcade romsets, you are supposed to use the manual content scanning or a third party tool. Regarding required directories, is this still relevant for bleeding edge Mame or has things changed?