Help with Flycast needed

So, I was playing around with the Flycast core, I liked the fact that the default when I played has it inside a box with a menu bar I can easily access…at least it did until I mucked it up. I was trying out the different menu commands and clicked one that said Toggle Exclusive Fullscreen Mode. Ok, looks good, the menu is gone, now let’s get it back…and that’s where I’m stuck. I can’t for the life of me figure how to get a game to play in that mode with the top menu bar.

Any ideas?

‘f’ key will take you out of fullscreen and then you should be able to just hit the ‘maximize’ button on the window to fill up the screen.

As a general note, if you’re looking for options, there’s an unrolled, searchable menu map here (it’s for XMB, specifically, but it applies to Ozone, as well, for the most part):

Thank you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, I should have mentioned the F key was the first thing I tried, definitely not working for this situation.

did you check the menu map for ‘menu bar’? There’s a toggle for it in settings > user interface.

I did, thanks, menu bar is set to on.

Unfortunately, that’s all I got, then :man_shrugging:

Yup, ditto. But appreciate the help just the same, this one has me scratching my head too because it works fine with other cores.

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