Help with Game Genie codes

Can someone explain how can i enter this code in RetroArch?

I tried entering these codes in the “cheat” menu (took 3 different cheats because you can’t change lines) and it doesn’t work. Tried all different Sonic 1 roms (USA/PAL/Japan) and it didn’t work.

Surely, i’m doing something wrong.

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To get to that level just hold A and then press Up, Down, Left and Right on the Title Screen. You will hear a chime then press Start. You will than be able to select Special Stage at the bottom.

Thanks, but this Game Genie code in the video isn’t about the level select menu… It’s about the smooth rotation animation in the bonus stage. Normally it rotates at a very low frame rate but this code makes it smooth, like in the Android version.

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Sorry, I wasn’t paying to close of attention on the video and see that the person was using level select.

Try the first code ATBT-AA32 by itself, it is the master code. Than put the other two on the same line with a + separating them, RG2T-C6XA+RG2T-C6XC.

Ok, i finally managed to make it work. The original 3 separate codes were correct, my mistake was that i wasn’t using a " - " between the sub-codes. That’s because i was using a controller and i couldn’t find the key in the virtual keyboard so i left a space instead. Thus, it didn’t work.

Now i normally typed that correctly on my physical keyboard, with the correct characters, and it worked.

Thanks… Also, this code is amazing. It actually makes the rotation smooth instead of the original 2 FPS rotation. I have no idea why Sega did this since the game could easily handle it.

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