Help with quick saves

Hello, I have a problem with quicksaves and quick loads.

I can save the game (quicksave) and restore everything in the same session. The problem, if I exit the game to retroarch and run the game again, then the quicksaves are no longer there and I have to start over, I can’t load the quicksaves. Quicksaves only remain during the game session, if I close the game they will no longer exist. What should I do to fix this?

Do you mean a savestate? or an in-game battery save?

If the former, are the files actually getting created? That is, if you minimize RetroArch and look for the files on your computer, are they there?

If the latter, make sure you’re exiting properly and the program isn’t silently crashing on exit (a log would help reveal that).

Hello, the problem has been resolved. She was trying to load the quicksave from the wrong slot. Thanks.