Help with Save Files

Hello I recently used a method of transferring memory card files from ePSXe MCR format to mednafen_psx_libretro_shared.0.mcr in order to play my FFT and FF7 saved games on Retroarch. Now that I have successfully done this how do I transfer my game save files over to SRM format so each game can utilize an independent memory card?

Also now i dont have access to any of the other saved files that previously worked before disabling shared memory card. Id like to underatand this process so i can migrate all my other saved games over to this format without manually having to load up each memory card

Beetle PSX *.srm saves are basically the same as *.mcr saves.
You can savely rename *.mcr to *.srm and vice versa.

  1. If you disable shared memory cards, the name of your cards are “gamename.number.extension” where memory card 1 defaults to 0 and memory card 2 to 1
  2. You can either use the mednafen native format (*.mcr) on slot 0 or the libretro format (*.srm)
  3. In the newer cores you can also change the index of the cards (bottom of Quick Menu - Options)
    So you can switch during playing your memory card and RetroArch will create a new one (game.0.mcr, game.1.mcr, game.2.mcr and so on)
    This only works with mednafens native format

So best you start a game and let the core create the memory cards.
Then use a program like memory card manager or similar to transfer your saves from the shared card to the new generated cards.
Do this for every save on your shared card and it should work.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Since my first post I made sure to update Retroarch as well as data and core files aswell as installing the new Duckstation core.

When I disabled shared memory card and changed Memory card type 1 & 2 to Separate Card per Title in the options menu I did as you said and started a game and let retroarch populate a new save file only now im getting two memory card slots per title with a MCD format. I dont know how or why but ill take it. Im now able to use MemorycardRex to copy all of my saved game files over to the retroarch directory and im able to play all of my saved games without switching memory cards out. Thank you you were very helpful.

If you wish, you can disable the second memory card:
Enable Memory Card 1 (Restart) - OFF