Help with setting up controller


Hello. I’m trying to setup my controller in retroarch and I have user 1 and 2 setup with my arcade cabinet controls and I setup user 3 with my ps4 controller, I also tried my xbox 1 controller. Mapping it out worked no problems but when I try to play any Dreamcast or PlayStation games my controller does not work.


I’ve been experiencing a similar problem with my Switch Pro Controller, where I can install and run an autoconfig file for it perfectly fine, but regardless of which input driver I use, RetroArch doesn’t recognize any inputs for it. I can’t really fix it now because I’m at college while my Switch is at home in another state, but it is worth bringing up, just in case the two issues are related.


Windows’ gamepad settings in the control panel don’t even respond to inputs from the Switch Pro. I can only get it to work if I enable support for it in Steam and launch RetroArch from a Steam shortcut.