Help with super resolution amd card

SORRY! I don’t know where I should ask this, couldn’t find it on google so since I use retroarch, maybe I could ask here, but I also don’t know where in the forum I should create the topic

Retroarch on windows 7

Anyway, I want to buy a HD6570, it’s the best performing card I can get for a resonable amount of money with VGA output (in Brazil a brand new HD6570 sells for about 1/4 of a minimum monthly wage, a lot of money)

I use a pc crt with super resolution 2560x240 at 120hz with a geforce 9500gt to get scanlines, it was super easy to create a custom resolution with it and i had it laying around so if it didn’t work, I wasn’t loosing anything, but in fact I had it laying around because it is faulty, if I use anything above 400mb of video memory I get windows blue screen (tested it with a test program)

I can emulate up to atomiswave/naomi just fine with this much video memory, but I can’t even play cuphead or kof13 wich are also good games to have in an arcade cabinet

Does anybody here know if the HD6570 will work with this custom super resolution?

I don’t have one and therefore can’t confirm it, but I don’t know any reason why it wouldn’t.

@vdfritz most ATI HD series cards will work well @240p. The best of the bunch that I have used is a HD5450.

If you are not going to use native resolutions ( 320x240 ) you do not need an ATI card though.

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ati cards are more powerful for less money, at least these old ones, so i decided to go for an HD6750 that i found for the same price as the HD6570, now i’ll have to go through a lot of googling again lol but that’s the fun part right

but i use a pc crt monitor so i don’t know if i’ll be able to use 320x240 or 256x224, don’t these work on 15khz monitors? i’ll probably have to stick with super resolutions

You can run at 320x240 and 256x224 with 31khz, you just have to use a higher refresh rate.