Hide/Enable widget notifications

I got super excited when I read this in the list of changes: “You can now selectively hide/enable widget notifications of several types. For instance, autoconfig messages, load content animation popups, cheat code notifications, fastforward notifications, screenshot indications, and more can all be individually configured. You no longer have to disable widgets altogether if you don’t like any one of the widget UI elements, you can now just opt to disable the widget that you don’t like.”

…but, was then disappointed that I still cannot turn off the (no offense) annoying, cumbersome, slow scrolling, obstructive ‘state slot changed’ notifications.

Note the difference between the two. In this first picture, the state slot OSD was very small text, and it stayed in one spot: b56219f4fc2d79e705a4d28fff270552bcb9f9fa_2_690x388

In contrast, the new widget notifications completely obstruct the entire lefthand side of the screen, and you can’t even see your character:


If you change multiple state slots, the widgets stay on the screen for an unacceptably long time. I’ve hated this from day one, but I seem to be the only person complaining about it.

My hope here is that a dev will take this into consideration, and offer a way to either revert ONLY the state slot notifications from widgets to the old style, or, offer a way to turn off the state slot notifications completely.

Surely this is doable, and I’m open to the possibility of offering a bounty for this if it’ll get it done. But I need to know that there is any interest at all, before putting funds in limbo.