High gamma - washed out colours

Hi all. I have just had a new monitor and the gamma is way to high and colours washed out when using retroarch. My desktop is fine and so is playing regular games. If I try to adjust my monitor settings to fix the issue in retroarch it makes my desktop/games way to dark and unplayable. Is there a way to adjust gamma, contrast and colour correction in retroarch itself?

There’s the image-adjustment shader, which includes settings for all that stuff. You can set it as you like it and then save a global preset.

Thank you for your reply. May I ask where is that located?

There’s no preset for it, so you have to manually increment the number of passes and navigate to it. It’s in the ‘misc’ directory.

Do you know to a guide I can follow?

load a core + content, go into quick menu > shaders. Set the top ‘video shaders’ option to ON if it’s not already, then scroll down to where it says ‘shader passes 0’. Press ‘right’ once to increment that 0 to a 1 and it will make some more fields appear down below it.

Where it says ‘shader #0 N/A’, press the ‘accept’ button and then navigate into the shader directory that matches your current video driver (if you’re using the default ‘gl’ driver, you’ll use GLSL shaders; if vulkan, d3d10/11/12, you’ll use slang) and then look for the ‘misc’ directory. In there, you’ll find a shader called ‘image-adjustment’. Select it and it will take you back to the shader menu. Hit ‘apply changes’ and then go to ‘shader parameters’. In here, you’ll see all of the shader parameters that you can tweak in real-time. Set the gamma, contrast or whatever to something that looks good, then go to the ‘save’ menu. In there, choose ‘save global preset’ and it should use the settings you’ve set up from here on out.

Does the RA menu looked washed out? Do the black bars on the sides of the screen when playing a game look too bright? I had a similar problem a while back but updating to the latest version of RA fixed it.

If it’s something you’re only noticing when playing a game in RA (and the black bars look fine), then the image-adjustment shader will work. CRTs had a gamma of 2.4 or 2.5 and LCDs are 2.2, so even if everything is working as intended, the default colors and gamma will be too bright without some form of correction.

Thank you both for the replys. Unfortunately hunterk, your guide did not fix my issue - in fact, those adjustments barely did anything to my screen. However it is really usefull to know how to adjust these settings and I’m sure other people with find it very helpfull. The RA menu is exactly the same Nesguy, but my RA is up to date.

After some more experimenting, RA doesn’t become all washed out when in windowed mode. It seems to maintain my monitors settings. It only occurs in fullscreen mode?

What graphics card are you using? I had a similar problem but it went away after updating drivers and RA.