"High-Score" for Nestopia

I would like a core option to enable RA to remember high score table entries automatically in games like Tetris that didn’t have cartridge batteries.

I’m aware that this can be functionally achieved with the current savestate system, but this is problematic and not “immersive”. I have come to appreciate the “immersion” experience from enjoying RA on console (PS3, Xbox, and Wii). Savestates jump to some frozen state, not to a reset of the title screen. Savestates from different sessions will not hold one consistent set of high score table data. This behavior detracts from the experience.

With the option enabled, I would like for the cartridge to behave as if the console was never powered down (or if the cartridge had an onboard battery like Zelda). Playing the game, entering a highscore, quitting RA, reopening RA, loading the game - Should behave as if you had hit the Reset button on the console.

I would think this could be implemented similar to MAME’s hiscore system, through some behind-the-scenes management of savestates, or with some inclusion to how game saves operate on battery games.

I am thinking of offering $30 initially, but willing to adjust upward depending on input from a developer assessing the workload.

What does everyone else think?

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