Highly tech help needed: RetroArch, libudev and udevd

Hi there,

Until now, I have been run RetroArch on a system without ANY services running. This system is configured on boot via my own init script I pass to the kernel, so no systemd, etc

Thing is, until now I was using libudev-zero (https://github.com/illiliti/libudev-zero.git) to make RetroArch input work via the UDEV input driver, and it works great for that.

However, since EUDEV is making a return (https://github.com/eudev-project/eudev.git: it’s an UDEV fork that doesn’t depend on systemd), I have been trying to use EUDEV as an UDEV replacement, but it doesn’t work:

    [WARN] [udev]: Couldn't open any keyboard, mouse or touchpad. Are permissions set correctly for /dev/input/event* and /run/udev/?
    [INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: "udev".

Now, the question: Does RetroArch need the UDEVD daemon running for anything? Why? Shouldn’t RetroArch simply run with libudev, without any running services?

I mean: device nodes are created by DEVTMPFS in /dev, and that’s part of the kernel and works great. Why should I need a service if I have static hardware (no hot-plugging)? What’s the relationship between RetroArch and UDEVD, if any?


NOTE: SDL2 programs, with SDL2 being built with udev input only, work with no problems at all with EUDEV.