Hiscore attempt with fbneo or mame how does it work?

I guess this question is a bit different. but i have everything working with both hiscore and retroarchivements. hi scores are saved locally. and retroarchivements are posted, and also work with launchbox. but when starting some games, i get the starting hiscore attempt. what is the purpose of this? can it be view somewhere online or compete with others, i know the feature from launchbox and mame where scores are shared online, but does the same apply for retroarch? could not find anything related to this.

to answer my own question, could see this is a part of retroachievements webpage and it does Indeed share score on a global leaderboard, it might be you need to get an entry score of achievements before you will see score on the leaderboard. for other to know, there exist two types of leadboards and scores, one for retroarchivements, and one for mame, those don’t share the same hiscores, and need two different emulators.