Homeworld (Original from 90s) on Dosbox Pure


I’m trying to run the Homeworld game in its 1st version on Dosbox Pure.

I installed Windows 98 as well as the voodoo and Homeworld drivers on partition D. Unfortunately the game crashes when starting the tutorial and also when I change the resolution in the game settings.

However, I noticed that the game seemed to work in this video: DosBox Pure running Win98, Quake, 3dfx and more

Any idea what I might be missing?

You seem to have everything right.

This game is very demanding for the emulator and is not well optimized. Still it should run without any problems…

First update to 1.05, please apply the 3 patches in order (the dll of the second one is in the installation folder of the game) and restart.

Always use in any game ‘software acceleration’, hardware acceleration is not well implemented.

Make a couple of fine adjustments to the processor. In Core options, Performance, change the processor to a Pentium III 600, set the CPU limit to 20% and adjust until you get the speed, or maybe with a P-II, in the same way.

You will need to do this for the occasional game, you get 3D running at the right speed, but videos and Windows can be choppy.

In the video you are probably using the classic version that is included in GOG, this includes a patch 1.06, beta, which was never finished, nor released and may work better 3d, but has thousands of bugs that make it unplayable.