Hotkey behaviour changed


I’m using Retroarch 9.1.14 on Windows 10 with a Xbox One Controller.

Since the beginning, I’m using the Xbox button as an hotkey, and I use Xbox + Select to load and Xbox + Start to save. And everything was fine.

A few days ago, I updated my “old” RetroArch, and now I have something weird : the Start and the Select buttons are played into the emulator. For example, when I want to create a savestate, I push Xbox + Start, it creates the savestate BUT it also put the game in pause. (if start pause the game, of course)

Is it an official change? Or did I do something? Can I do something to fix this and have the old behavior where Start and Select aren’t pressed in the game when I use the hotkey button? Thank you for your help!

It’s an intentional change because most people map their hotkey to a button but still want that button to take an effect (usually ‘select’ and usually they want it to fire an ‘insert coin’ event when they press it).

However, you can return to the old behavior by going to settings > input > hotkeys and setting ‘hotkey enable delay (frames)’ to zero.

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Hi! Thank you, good to know there is a solution! For now, I just have a small problem: I don’t have the “hotkey enable delay (frames)” option. I only have 3 options and then all the key I can configure.

it may be an advanced setting, so make sure you go to settings > user interface and set ‘show advanced settings’ to ON.

Great, it was there! I didn’t know there was an advance settings option. Thanks a lot for your help!! :heart: Have a nice day!

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