Hotkey Bind Mappings

It is a suggestion and a question/request at the same time I had for many years.

In order to organize the Binds in a way it makes more sense (so I can remember them) I removed a few and changed a few others. There could probably be a way to fit the removed ones in the keyboard but my worry is another one.

Guide        ()       RetroArch Special Key (only for Pad)
Guide+Select (F1)     RetroArch GUI
             (F11)    RetroArch Fullscreen toggle
Guide+RT     (l)      RetroArch FastForward Hold
Guide+RB     (s)      RetroArch SlowMo Toggle
Guide+LT     (j)      RetroArch Rewind
             (r)      RetroArch Reset Game
             (f)      RetroArch Show FPS toggle
             (F12)    RetroArch Screenshot (in lack of PrtScr)
             (F2)     RetroArch SaveState
             (F3)     RetroArch LoadState
             (e)      RetroArch Eject Disc (toggle)
             (d)      RetroArch Next Disc (to use: e+d+e)
Guide+Start  (p)      RetroArch Frame Pause toggle
             (k)      RetroArch Frame Advance
             (c)      RetroArch Cheat Toggle
             (n)      RetroArch Netplay Toggle
             (F8)     RetroArch Desktop GUI

    *The J,K,L keys are a standard in video editing.
    *F8 for desktop is safer (further to Save/Load State)
    *I deliberately removed the Next/Prev Shader because I always fix to one. But they could be remapped to B,M, or maybe , and . (same location of < > in American Keyboard)?

The relevance of the “Hotkey” (Special key) bind is so we don’t accidentally push a button and invoke a Retroarch option. In the keyboard the opposite is true, the vast array of keys make it simpler and faster to simply find a key and push it (specially when having a mini keyboard for the TV).

If you leave the Bind blank no special key is required for the rest of keys, BUT in case you map the Bind to say Controller’s Guide so you are required to push a Guide+Button combination, keyboard Binds no longer work and Keyboard Blank is read as Null, forcing you to press at the same time Controller’s Guide+Keyboard Key. Does this make sense? Can this be changed in some way or can it be considered to change in the future?