How can I change Device Type from XBOX360 to XINPUT

Okay I’m have a problem getting the 2nd player controller to work in beetle HW. Device Type options are either “XBOX360 for windows #2”, #1", or “disable”.

Device Type “XBOX360 for Windows #1” for Input 1 works fine. BUT “XBOX360 for Windows #2” for Input 2 DOES NOT work.

I fired up an older version of Retroarch (1.7) and installed the latest BEETLE HW core and for inputs the xbox 360 controllers show up as xinput #1, #2 for device type and both controls work for input 1 and input 2.

How to do I make BEETLE HW to show Retroarch (1.9) to show devices as Xinput instead of “XBOX360 for Windows”?

I assume I need to delete some files but I’m not sure which ones and would prefer not to delete the entire Autoconfig folder.


I’ve re-downloaded Retroarch 1.9 and the BEETLE core to see what it looks like from a fresh start. Both controllers show up as “Generic 360 pads” #1 & #2 and both work. I can’t figure out what settings need to be changed to get my current setup to say “Generic 360 pads” instead of “Xbox360 for Windows”