How can i change position of onscreen controls?

Hello! I have physical disability, and current position of onscreen buttons is not comfortable for me. How can i change it? Should i create my own skin of controls? How to do it? I want to move screen with game maximally up (blue on scheme), d-pad maximally up too (red on scheme), and abxy buttons maximally down (green on scheme)

Help me please!

I don’t know of any that do that, specifically, but we do have a one-handed overlay that can work with either hand, if that helps.

Otherwise, you might need to make one that suits your needs.

but we do have a one-handed overlay

give it to me pls, i`ll try

Otherwise, you might need to make one that suits your needs.

is there any guide how to make it?

If you update your overlays, it should be in the RGPAD subdirectory of the ‘gamepads’ directory. When you first ‘load preset’, it’ll start you in a subdirectory, so hit ‘parent directory’ once to go up a level into the ‘gamepads’ subdir.

Also, here’s our documentation for the overlay configs:

i`ll try to make my own overlay, but is there any way to test chages on pc without sending overlay to iphone every time?

yes, overlays work the same everywhere. You can get a feel for how it would look on your iphone by going to settings > video and setting your aspect ratio to something identical or similar to your phone’s aspect.

even if i change aspect ratio to 9:16, retroarch still shows horizontal (landscape) version of overlay, how can i switch it to portrait one?

most overlays have a manual rotation button somewhere to switch between portrait and landscape. If they don’t, it’s relying on some automagic behavior that triggers based on device rotation signals on mobile.

is there any graphical editors for overlays? i tried to edit using notepad++ and its too complicated for me =(

there’s a web version here:

and I think there’s a Windows program here:

holy cow! thats exactly what i was looking for! thank u so much

everything works great, thank you again)

and, other question, do you know, is there any way to sync saves between pc and iphone? not transfer saves manualy every time, but automatically sync, maybe using cloud

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I believe the only way to do it currently is by setting up a webDAV server on your local PC. It’s an involved process, but there’s a guide on the docs site.