How can I help you help me

Hello everybody. How can I export the “System Information” menu content to a text file? I’d like to export it in order to post it here, so that I can better be helped with my problem.

Thanks for any help.

I don’t know of any way to do that. A screenshot could probably suffice for most of it, but I don’t know of many issues where all of it is necessary information.

Ah, ok. Thanks. So I’m just going to post my help request with minimum info, I’ll add as I’ll be asked for

YOU! hunterk! Yes, I’ve seen your name in one of the ‘friendly staff’ list! Could you help me also? There is no way for me to contact anyone, mods, owners of the site, or start a new post. It seems ‘Reply’ in a conversation that’s not my business is my only option.

Moving along and speaking of screenshots, I have typed information AND a screenshot in my question. However, it’s all as a reply to the welcoming bot as a new user, if you could look there. I figure bot would direct me to a person like how some websites have chat bots directing you. So I don’t risk waiting forever for nothing, I’ll just tug your shirt here in case. What’s stopping me from posting it here is reading something a few minutes ago about cross-posting.

I don’t see that post anywhere. Can you post a link to it?

Sure Greetings! - Libretro Forums

Ah, I see. Okay, well, the first thing to do would be to verify that your cheat works with RetroArch/Flycast. You can open the cht file with a text editor and change the number of cheats from 0 to 1, then paste in those codes. I believe multiline cheats need to be chained with a plus sign (+).

Once you’ve established it works, we’ll need to add it to the cheat database to be included with RetroArch. To do that, we need to send a pull request to this repo with the added code:

That sounds like a plan. The other possibly minor issue is I can’t access the cheats folder via pc since the path to it on pc is either blocked or hidden from both drives in the first picture

that pop up when I put the microusb in the pc which is why I was hoping you would test/amend it for me.

On the other hand, if I’m able to put the .cht file anywhere Dreamcast related after editing it - super cool. I’d like to know if that’s a possibility. I do recall downloading that same file you referenced and threw it in the folder you see in the second picture. Not knowing where, that’s my first choice if possible. Assuming I can put the file there, the last question would be do I change the .cht file from: cheats = “0” to: cheats = “1” 0D230F40 00000000+0023E94C 00000001

your options for testing are: 1.) test it on a PC instead of your Android device, 2.) move your cheats directory somewhere that’s accessible to both RetroArch-on-Android and your Windows device (not sure where this would be), or 3.) use a file browser/manager on Android that’s compatible with “storage providers”–which RetroArch is–to access that directory and change it directly on the device.

A new thing to note after closely looking at a sent picture is: I don’t have Code Veronica " X " and " X " isn’t for dreamcast but it’s still without the glitch nonetheless. They changed the download title shortly after I downloaded it.

Anyway, my PC or my laptop can’t detect anything from the Super Console X Stick. It only detects the micro usb from it and the previous screenshot shows the only folders I can access. I have the stick’s HDMI hooked to a projector since I bought it, only controlled by a PlayStation looking controller that came with it. Is this even the right way to rewrite the code in the .cht file? shareshot_2023-08-07_23-19-41 I’m not surprised it didn’t work.

I also don’t know of any file managers that can edit/find any hidden folders that win10 can’t already find. And I already told win10 file >> view >> show hidden folders. It shows the same thing.

Looks like there are a few more lines needed:

After 22 days I’m now finally replying because I, a person with zero coding experience tried to manually input a code with minimal instructions and midway damaged the console beyond repair and had to wait for a new console to arrive from overseas. I’m not waiting another 22 days for a new one from making the slightest mistake. From now on, me writing and trying to figure out code is out of the question if I’m not certified to - especially when talking to someone with experience and resources to regularly upload code in retroarch format. That said, what’s it going to take to speed things up? Do you want some money donated to an individual patreon account for an off-the-clock task? Everyone seems to be fiending for patreon nowadays. Think of a reasonable amount. I just want one code where I, the consumer can simply download and hit the retroarch enable/disable button, and the other guy already did the work cracking for us. There’s no reason a person would upload something like that without confirming it themselves. Like the words of the person starting this thread - help me help you. Whether the code is valid or not, I MYSELF will risk my console [again] to test it as long as it’s in the retroarch patch format rather than us sitting at zero cheats for that game.

I have no idea what this cheat is supposed to do, so I can’t tell if it applied successfully or not, but this definitely didn’t destroy my computer (and there’s no possible way it could have destroyed yours, either):

cheats = "1"

cheat0_desc = "Mystery Cheat"
cheat0_enable = "true"
cheat0_code = "0D230F40 00000000+0023E94C 00000001"

I tell you what, if that’s the correct format for writing what the guy uploaded, I’ll get right on testing it! (Even though I still want the code in a patch where it’s in the correct directory etc. a difference might be made there) So it’s copy that code to notepad, save it as .cht, put it in a console accessible folder and try to toggle it in the menu right? give me >24hours, i’ll report what the results are. If it fails, as far as I’m concerned, you’re of the hook having done what you could from your end. The cheat is supposed to give her an alternate costume in regular game mode at the start.

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So weird… Not a single code online in the format you wrote works for this game. I was able to toggle it in the menu etc. but still nothing. I think that was the last attempt to try something. It wouldn’t hurt to add it to a patch; maybe it has to do with what version of the game it is.

Do you have a link to where you found the cheat?

Multiple! And they all have the same code numbers.

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