How can I setup save/load state from the gamepad?

I’ve recently converted from a retropie setup to retroarch on windows 10. However I’m struggling to find documentation on how to reproduce the gamepad combination commands for loading/save state. Out of the box, these functions seem to be bound to keyboard controls. I have a hotkey button on my gamepad and it seems to be bound in the input configuration. There doesnt seem to be any documentation on how to set up gamepad combination buttons in my config template file either.

If you already have the ‘hotkey enable’ bound, just go to settings > input > hotkey binds and map them to whatever button you want. Then, in-game, you’ll hold the hotkey-enabler and press the button you chose.

(in case it wasn’t clear, if hotkey-enable is mapped to something, RetroArch won’t listen for hotkey assignments unless it’s held down)