How can i use the older shader preset directory?

The newest version of RetroArch pushes the “config” directory but i just want to use the old directory that was inside the “Shaders” folder. The reason is simple. When i use the load shader options, it defaults to the “Shaders” folder. So now i have to browse all the way to the config directory to reach my presets. In the older versions it was far easier as i didn’t have to browse, the presets were just under the default shaders directory that opens when i load a shader, saving time and frustration.

It’s also better IMO to have the shader presets in one place instead together with the cfg and .opt files. It creates an even bigger mess since these folders can already have tons of files. Could there be just an option to change this?

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In the new location, I believe you can use the next/previous shader hotkeys (n/m by default, IIRC) to cycle through your custom presets.

Since i use a gamepad on a couch setup, i don’t use many hotkeys. I only have the guide button that takes me to the main menu and i browse from there.