How can you see the number of roms that appear in each playlist?


How can you see the number of roms that appear in each playlist we make in RetroArch?

Because I have been able to verify that I have put him in a system 35 roms, I have scanned the folder and then I only get 33 games on the screen. In this system I have been counting one by one, because it is small, but to check in MAME, for example, you are not going to count them one by one.

What is the way to check this?


you need to count them 1 by 1


Well it’s a shame, with how easy it would be to have an counter in the bottom right corner marking: 1/215, 2/215, 3/215 … and so on.

Let’s see if someone takes note of my idea, which would be useful.


I don’t think there is a way to know with the current Android version. With the desktop version, you can launch the Qt GUI with F5 and there will be a counter in the left corner.

If you are worried about missing some games with the internal scan function you can use the online RetroArch PlayList Editor. You can then drag & drop a RetroArch Database RDB file to identify each game (especially useful for MAME).

You will also need to know your internal memory/external SD mount point in Android and edit your paths. It is a pretty powerful tool (though not quite there yet for CD based games). Make sure to take a look at the README on how to use.

You can also create playlists with the Desktop GUI and drag & dropping the contents of a directory in the main window. Then just batch edit the paths with a powerful text editor such as Notepad++.


Thanks, if at hand with Notepad ++ I already check, but sometimes you can lose something …

An on-screen counter would not hurt either, it would also serve as an orientation for very long lists …

It must be recognized that for very long lists the xmb interface is not very friendly on android …