How convert cdi and gdi to CHD?

How convert cdi and gdi (raw and bin tracks) to CHD ? Thanks for reply.

With MAME’s chdman utility. It’s a command-line tool.

If you’re on Windows, you can download the latest MAME version from:

Download the file with “_64bit.exe” in its name. You don’t need to run it, you can just extract it with 7zip (make sure to extract it in a new folder because there’s many files in it.) One of the files that will be extracted is chdman.exe. Move that somewhere else and you can delete the rest of the files.

You use chdman.exe through the Windows command prompt. If you want to convert the cdimage.gdi file to CHD for example, you would do:

chdman createcd -i cdimage.gdi -o cdimage.chd

This will result in a new file named cdimage.chd.


Also possible to mass convert with a batch file. I had seen and used one a couple of years ago, albeit it did use an older version of chdman. I’m sure it would be similar with the current version if you’re saavy enough.


Thanks for all replies. chdman converting gdi and ISO to CHD works, but not convert cdi to chd. Thus need convert cdi to cue bin after use chdman. I had tried PowerISO and UltraISO both open cdi files, but not the dumpd cdi types. Anyone known a good cdi to bin cue converter ?

Cdi to chd is not possible, only gdi can be converted.

DiscJuggler cdi images need to be converted to proper gdi before you can use chdman to compress them. It’s not trivial but it is possible. I’ve done it on some of the older english fan translated games like Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 (Nebelwurfer HQ translation) where only hacky cdi’s were available.

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Not is simple figure what software to convert cdi to gdi. How convert cdi to gdi ? After will be easy gdi to chd.