How do i delete Save Games?

Honestly how do i get rid of savestates on android. I already uninstalled retroarch, cleared cache and data. However if i reinstall retroarch the save game is still there. I can’T access them when i connect my phone via USB. So how do i get rid of all that stuff?


Don’t ask me why, but after rebooting my phone a Retroarch folder appeared with the save states and stuff. Dunno why that is the case however i could delete the save file afterwards.

By default that Retroarch folder should be created. Not sure why you didnt get it straight away.

Also for future reference when you install RA go to Settings->Directory and check to locations set there.

Thank you, i tested it now several times. After Installation i always need to “reboot” to get access to the folder via USB (although retroarch already works fine without reboot). Dunno why really. However i’m glad to get my savegames and screenshots now

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Ah cool, could you run me through that again please.

I will mention it to the devs to see if its normal behaviour.

Install the app from playstore as normal and the Retroarch folder is not created till reboot?

What phone & storage? What version of Android?

Sorry for the late response.

Yes correctly, if i install the App through the Google Playtore there will be no Retroarch Folder (until i reboot), although Retroarch already been installed and ran for the first time. You can play games just fine. However there is no Retroarch folder to be found until i reboot my device.

Happens on both of my Smartphone Huawei P8 Lite 2017 Android 7 and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Bozh running Android 7.0.

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I have a similar issue. I wanted to delete all saves and progress for a specific game (on Windows).