How Do I Disable Analog Recentering in MAME Core?

How can I disable analog control recentering on the MAME cores (using MAME 2015). All lightgun games on MAME automatically recenter the cursor when using the analog stick, whereas FBNeo lets the cursor stay where it is. I understand that some games may be built around recentering controls and positions (eg. Space Harrier), but games like Jurassic Park are not. However, the MAME version recenters. How can I disable this?

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Does your analog stick auto center? AFAIK centering is a function of the hardware not software. If your stick auto centers and you turn it off in MAME things could get weird really quick.

Unless I am not understanding your question.

You can try increasing your dead zone and see if it feels better.

Yes, it’s the analog stick that auto-centers. I’ve tested this in FBNeo and it does not auto-center, which is exactly what I want. Only MAME auto-centers.

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