How do I get an onscreen keyboard?

I’m a new user of Retroarch and it’s freaking amazing. Thank you to everyone involved!

It’s working great except for one little thing - when I touch the keyboard icon I don’t get a keyboard; instead the overlay disappears completely and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the menu or quit Retroarch without killing it. This happens with both latest Play Store version and the latest nightly version.

I have an unrooted Galaxy Tab A

Try to look at on screen display menu then on screen overlay and overlay presets then choose one keyboard preset.

That would work but would be become extremely tedious in games where you have to go back and forth between a gamepad and keyboard.

Googling around this guy had the same problem:

It was said to be fixed but he and I still have the same problem. It was also suggested to set a default keyboard but I can’t find where to do that in the menu or in a config file visible to me.

I have the same problem here, it used to be okay. But i don’t know since when did this bug appear on retroarch, please someone fix it.

I also like to know how to get it up on Samsung Galaxy s8?

With P-UAE core and 8bitdo “zero” I get onscreen keyboard by pressing “start” key on gamepad