How do I install the Vulkan driver for Retroarch in Libreelec?


for the most part I use Retroarch on my TV box which runs a gaming build of Libreelec. But this build doesn’t get any updates since oct 2019. So both Kodi and Retroarch are heavy outdated.

Since the dev of this build seems to not coming back, I would like to change to the official Libreelec build with Retroarch from the gamestarter addon. This way I can update Libreelec by myself and Retroarch isn’t always up-to-date but it’s atleast newer than my current one.

My only issue is that the official Libreelec build doesn’t support Vulkan. And I can’t do without that. So I would have to install the Vulkan driver by myself somehow. There is a Vulkan driver for the Raspberry Pi on github but I use an Intel NUC, so this won’t work for me I guess.

Is it hard to install Vulkan on Libreelec? Can someone give me a hint how to do that? I searched for a guide or something like that but couldn’t find anything. I also don’t know where to search because I’m actually a Windows user and don’t have much of an idea about Linux.

Kind regards

I would assume it has to do with mesa libs. Mesa’s a bit of a hassle to compile