How do I remove a core?

I just recently discovered RetroArch and I’m definitely still a noob with it, so I wish to start out by apologizing if this is a stupid question. I’ve tried figuring out how to do this on my own with no luck. I’ve also tried searching the forum with no luck. With some of the systems that have multiple cores available (such as the SNES), I’ve downloaded a couple and tried each to see what the difference is. Now that I know which core I want to keep for each system, I can’t figure out how to remove the other cores. My main reason for doing this is so I can use the ‘select file and detect core’ option when loading content and know for sure its using the core I want it to use. I don’t see any other way to control which core it is using when I select a file and have it detect the core when there are multiple applicable cores downloaded.

Not sure what OS you are using but in Windows just look in the Retroarch folder, there will be a folder for cores.

Simply remove the appropriate .dll files you don’t need and that should be all you need to do.

Sorry, I posted this in the Android folder on the forum, but forgot to mention that fact in my post. I’m using RetroArch on an Android tablet. I’ve been looking for the folder where such files are stored on Android devices, but haven’t found it yet.

it’s in /data/data/com.retroarch/. Look for a folder named ‘cores’ or something like that. You’ll need root to see it and/or delete things.

if your android device isnt rooted like mine you can go to settings>apps>retroarch, and delete data. Game saves for me stay intact because they’re saves with each game file. Then go back to the online updater and download the cores you like.

Ah, yeah, good idea! :slight_smile:

Great suggestions, johnny5150. Thanks! Worked perfect.

Load Core > Choose Core you want to delete > Information > Core Information > Scroll down > Delete Core


Worked like a charm! Thanks! By any chance you know what core should I choose? (based on performance, special traits, etc)

That’s a question impossible to answer without knowing your device nor the system you want to emulate.

Indeed, my bad. Quite sorry about my question.

Maybe what I should ask is that are there any newbie-friendly docs I can refer to to understand different cores? I tried Google and, well, got overwhelmed pretty fast and completely lost in the process… is our documentation site. It won’t tell you “this one is best for this device,” though.

Seems to be a deep rabbit hole. A bit daunting if I’m being honest. But I’ll try digging around. I believe RetroArch is a great project and would worth the effort.

Yes, it’s a deep rabbit hole, indeed, and daunting. You don’t need most of that information, though, and can safely skim through it, or even just glance at it when you get stuck.

Really appreciate your kind advice. I get the impression that we have a really friendly and encouraging community here. So glad I found this hidden gem (well I now know you guys are the rock stars in the emulation realm, just hidden from my limited knowledge). So bad I got here so late.

I’m quite interested in getting the old school look of those poor LCD or even CRT displays back in the days. Now I know where to look~ :grinning:

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Thank you!!! I really thought I was going to have to reinstall you’re the best problem solved!!!

Thank you for the help I didn’t think that deleting core would be somewhere there