How do i use analog sticks with dosbox svn

Hi im trying to configure the analog sticks of my ds4 to keyboard buttons in retroarch dosbox svn but it only shows my dpad in the control menu how do i get my analog sticks to show up?

In the “Analog To Digital Type” field, select the analog stick you want to map to the dpad. You can only choose one of them, not both.

thanks hopefully they fix that, it would be good to use both analog sticks and the dpad as individual inputs.

This will never be added because there were no DOS gamepads with analog sticks. This would need to be added to RetroArch’s input settings instead, not the core’s.

Edit: no wait, I think I misunderstood the whole thing. You can map the analog sticks to buttons. Set the “Analog To Digital” setting back to “None” and then just… map the analog stick directions. Here I mapped the right analog sticks’ right direction to the DOS gamepad’s button 1:


Thanks for the help but i wasn’t trying to map the ds4 to the dosbox gamepad.

I was trying to map the ds4 to the keyboard/mouse on dosbox and it wasn’t showing the analog sticks in that menu in retroarch.

but i have found a work around.

there is a setting in the core settings of dosbox svn that lets you emulate the mouse with the right stick it also automatically maps the mouse keys to the controllers triggers.

So i just turned that on for the fps games i am trying to play then i turned on the aiming mode in the game for example duke3d. so i can use the right stick to control the camera and then the left stick is free for moving and strafing.

it also frees up extra buttons that would have been used for strafing otherwise etc.